laying systems
Multipurpose surfaces for outdoor

The Urban Stone 30mm collection can be installed with a variety of methods: dry-laying for areas exposed to light traffic, or direct-bonded to a cement screed for areas exposed to urban traffic. This versatility allows the collection to be installed in both public and private outdoor spaces, such as gardens, pedestrian areas, or squares.

flat trafficable paving without glues

The 30MM line flooring should be laid on a base of compacted stone aggregates of various grain sizes, similar to the procedure for the laying of stone slabs and cement artefacts, except for the use of plastic spacers in the 30MM line

laying on cement screed

In contexts of areas accessible to urban traffic, the product must be laid on a cement screed with bedding mortar. The techniques are equivalent to those used for the laying of natural material with the difference that the products of the 30MM line have a lower degree of water absorption and are therefore frost-proof and protected from salts.

cleaning and maintenance

Thanks to its great hardness and weather-resistance, 20MM can be cleaned with almost any detergent.

However, we recommend simply using a mild detergent and a water jet.

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