30MM: more thickness, more resistance, more versatility. Pastorelli interprets outdoor and city spaces with the new collection inspired by three different stones. “urban stone”, 30mm of material and beauty calibrated for greater stresses: light wheeled traffic with dry laying; urban traffic with laying on screed

new models of design versatility

Urban Stone allows external flooring to be aesthetically uniformed, guaranteeing the movement of light traffic over ceramic slabs dry-laid on natural surfaces

new perspectives for urban design

With the new Urban Stone 30MM line it is possible to take advantage of the unparalleled aesthetic and technical qualities of porcelain stoneware to also create transit routes and other connection solutions between public and commercial buildings in the city environment.

the ideal setting for the metropolitan habitat

Urban Stone 30MM is ideal for paving squares and other urban areas dedicated to various uses subject to greater stresses, such as markets, other outdoor commercial activities, and spaces for recreation and socialising

resistance and functionality also for the domestic environment

Also ideal for residential settings thanks to the advanced performance linked to dry laying or installation on cement screed.

why choose Urban Stone 30MM

The products in the 30MM line are made of full-bodied porcelain stoneware. The use of carefully selected raw materials and a controlled technology process gives the product countless advantages with respect to other natural materials.

quick and easy to install
easy to remove
readily serviceable
greater stability over time
allows water drainage
wide range of finishes
colours don’t fade over time
resistant to sudden temperature changes
resistant to frost
resistant to damage from mould and moss
resistant to acid, chemicals
resistant to salt
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