Charity projects

Group Homes, Matola, 2011

The foster houses in Matola were conceived and designed to be located inside the San Marino for the Children Village, right next to the kindergarten. They accommodate orphans with a troubled past, and no one else they can count on. The whole facility was built in nine months. A parental couple was selected and started occupying the house with the first three orphans – Manuele, Mattias e Gloria. Shortly after, they were joined by Alinafe. The foster dad receives a monthly cheque of 10.000 Kwacha as school janitor. They went on becoming a very large family of 16 members, including the foster couple. Many years have gone by, but this family remains special: their houses is fully fitted (and with not a single window missing!), clean, and none of the kids feels like they are orphans as they get to experience a real family life. Of course, the number of kids vary from time to time, but never below 14 members. These kids have found a family that can help them grow up peacefully and find their own way in life. In 2019, after a long wait, their home was eventually connected to the electrical grid, thus allowing them to get a fridge and a TV. The project was completed in one year in collaboration with the Association “Carità senza Confini” (“Charity without Boundaries”) and financed with resources originally budgeted for purchasing Christmas Presents for Del Conca Group employees.