finishing items

Steps, cling trims, and crescents complete the 20mm product range, to allow exterior and garden design in total safety and with creative free rein. Custom accessories, such as planters, seats, bicycle stands, grates, and covers can be produced on request.

standard trims

  1. Step
  2. Corner Step
  3. Crescent Rett. Side 15
  4. Cing trim (Special personalized part, available upon request)
  5. Grating Rett.
  6. Corner grating Rett.
  7. L-shaped trim Rett.

special personalised parts

Upon request, personalised pieces can be made, subject to a feasibility study. A few examples in the image.

  1. Wall cap with drip edge finish.
  2. Column cap with drip edge finish.
  3. Bench seat surface.
  4. Planter made with 60x60 and 60x120 tiles with canted edge corners to attach with adhesive.
  5. Planter made with concave L-trim.
  6. Placement of LED lights.
  7. Grating with personalised finish.
  8. Personalised bicycle rack with hole for anti-theft chain.
  9. Coping with rounded edge.
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