A timeless look with advanced features

A rich collection of modular finishes for ceramic floor and wall tiles that accommodate all styles. Large sizes, elegant accents, and a wide range of special trims make these lines ideal to create intimate spaces with personality.

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces where texture becomes a decorative pattern
New Classic
An original reinterpretation of classical Roman travertine
Wood-effect floor and wall tiles with a fine blend of natural spirit and design
Style blossoms in porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles
Two diverse stone-effect products, for well-balanced architectural spaces
Venetian terrazzo, a concrete effect and colourful bricks in a single collection
Bright flakes for a sophisticated synthesis of quartzite
Original atmospheres and chromatic depth for a fine marble effect
Captivating both inside and out. Grip finish available for anti-slip solutions
High-quality, refined wood with knots and graining for a rustic parquet-effect floor
Concrete floors for large industrial-style redevelopments
Stones du Monde
A stone effect for striking total look areas between indoors and outdoors

Over the years the bathroom has been transformed: it is now no longer a utility area, but rather a part of the home to be shown off to guests. The latest interior design trends place great emphasis on colour, also shattering the taboo regarding bathroom floors and walls, which until recently had to be restrained and minimalist. Bright colours for furnishings and sanitary and tap fittings, but above all for floor and wall tiles. Pastorelli offers an infinity of ideas from its rich catalogue of coloured porcelain stoneware tiles, also in ’70s and ’80s style, such as the contemporary, sophisticated Colorful collection.

When it comes to combinations, creativity is also given free rein in the use of porcelain stoneware in different sizes, colours, finishes or patterns. Venetian terrazzo style floor tiles combined with small glossy, coloured wall tiles, cement-look slabs behind the washbasin of a glamorous bathroom contrasting with a yellow or green shower corner. Continually changing interplays of light with alternations of glossy and matte surfaces are very popular options with the most creative interior designers.

Mosaics and bricks are often used to highlight the shower alcove or the keynote wall, usually the one facing the door of the bathroom.

All these solutions are possible thanks to the constantly evolving aesthetic and performance qualities provided by porcelain stoneware.

With these tiles, ensuring hygiene is very simple; the floor can simply be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or brush and washed with warm water and a professional cleaner, to remove bacteria and dirt. To conclude, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry.

There are no risks of scratches if objects are dropped or cabinets are dragged across the floor. Hair driers or straighteners can be placed on porcelain stoneware of any thickness without problems.

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