ceramic trends

Design with style and performance

Experiment with new tiles that combine evolving home trends and the latest style influences, as well as the advanced technology achieved from fifty years in the ceramics business.

This is what Pastorelli is aiming for with its range of sophisticated products, whose shifting surface effects and graphics blend with the shades and materials of contemporary design to meet all the needs of modern architecture and design.


excellence made in italy

Design evolutions generate new visions

With its collections, Pastorelli has embarked on new approach focusing on continuous research and experimentation to forge ahead in its pursuit of creativity combined with advanced style and performance. Top-quality raw materials ensure a top-end product, made entirely in Italy. A broadening of horizons leading to developments in ceramics design intended to improve the quality of life.


pioneering technology

An aptitude for continuous change

Avant-garde production technology and systems in line with our research activities allow the continuous creation of new and exciting visions of ceramic tiles.

The natural beauty of different materials is filtered through new aesthetic codes, to create versatile, high-performance tiles offering a myriad of design possibilities through its numerous thicknesses, sizes, colours, and textures. This richness makes Pastorelli porcelain stoneware the ideal material for both indoor and outdoor designs in homes and cities alike.

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