20MM is Pastorelli’s offer of porcelain stoneware products with 20mm thickness, able to ensure elegance, reliability and safety to external floorings


Coordinated indoor and outdoor

The versatility of Pastorelli’s porcelain stoneware allows you to design indoor and outdoor surfaces with aesthetic continuity, for inspiring association or for material contrast, but always guaranteeing high standards of aesthetic and functional quality.


Collections to furnish (decorate) with style

20MM is made of different collections, each distinguished by different inspirational sources. A wide range of surfaces to match consistently with each type of project.


Natural or rectified

Outdoor spaces must be lived freely, and 20MM with natural edges provides a more comfortable edge to walk on barefoot, without affecting the aesthetic appearance; it is also more resistant to shocks on the edges.

On raised installations or when installed with adhesive, the rectified edges allow for even thinner joints.

The uneven edge

Stone du Monde

The Stones du Monde 20MM series features uneven edges on all sides, enhancing the natural look of the material and making it one of the most innovative collections and the most similar, on the market, to the stone inspiring it.


Sizes to define the project

A wide range of sizes for the world of exterior design.

System and surfaces features

The functional characteristics of porcelain stoneware, guarantee of durability and resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents with the flexibility of the laying system and the wide range of finishes and special pieces, suitable for every type application.

quick and easy to install
easy to remove
readily serviceable
matches interior flooring
special matching pieces
allows water drainage
wide range of finishes
colours don’t fade over time
resistant to sudden temperature changes
resistant to frost
highly resistant to loads
resistant to damage from mould and moss
resistant to acid, chemicals
resistant to salt
easy to clean
Choose a collection for