stone look

Instinctive elegance and top performance for a unique design

The new ceramic tile collections draw inspiration from natural materials, which have always been much loved in architecture for their ability to combine beauty and strength. the new collections add a new meaning to these qualities, widening the horizons of design.

New Classic
An original reinterpretation of classical Roman travertine
Two diverse stone-effect products, for well-balanced architectural spaces
Bright flakes for a sophisticated synthesis of quartzite
Original atmospheres and chromatic depth for a fine marble effect
Colourful stones, wood and stone blend in a single natural surface
Solid, urban-inspired emotions for interior spaces
Stones du Monde
A stone effect for striking total look areas between indoors and outdoors
Ayers Rock
Small sizes and herringbone installation for private and public spaces
New Classic 20MM
Mindwalk 20MM
Exclusive textures and attention to detail for outdoor surfaces
Recode 20MM
Pure outdoor quartzite creates exquisite design continuity
Stones du Monde 20MM
As irregular as stone and as solid as 20 mm porcelain stoneware
Biophilic 20MM
Stones, wood and rock which, as in nature, merge in a single surface
Denverstone 20MM
The strength of simple installation combined with the charm of natural stone
Pastorelli Made in USA
stone look

Stone-effect floor tiles are currently very fashionable in interior design, partly because they are able to enhance all styles and types of furnishing. The degree of patterning may vary in richness or may even be minimalist, as in the Mindwalk collection of large-size tiles inspired by two different stones, combined in a very tactile graphic texture. This stone-effect stoneware’s minimalist look can be mixed and matched with many other surfaces and its versatility has won it great popularity. 

The tiles in the Recode stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection, on the other hand, offer a refined synthesis of quartzite. This natural stone contains tiny, almost imperceptible shiny flakes embedded in its substance. Tiles in the Black colour, in particular, emphasise the continually changing glint of quartzite. Recode has two plain tiles, one natural and the other three-dimensional with a ribbed surface resembling chiselled natural stone. In contrast, coloured pebbles, wood and stone provide the basis of the patterning for the Biophilic collection of stoneware tiles. Four colours, a wide range of sizes and a special outdoor thickness make Biophilic the ideal choice for design solutions that seek simplicity, embracing harmony, warmth, light and contrasts. Refined in style, these tiles are also tough, and perfect for outdoor use in the 20 mm version. This stone-effect porcelain stoneware is superb above all in urban contexts where high-end redevelopment projects are required to blend perfectly into the natural surroundings.

The Stones du Monde collection is more traditional and reassuring. In these tiles, with a high degree of shade variation, slate and Pierre de Bourgogne are the focus materials and provide a seamless link between indoor and outdoor areas, aided by the countless sizes and thicknesses. In fact, these stone-effect ceramic surfaces can withstand any kind of physical stress and weathering, in spite of the incredible beauty of their colouring.

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