stone look

Instinctive elegance and top performance for a unique design

The new ceramic tile collections draw inspiration from natural materials, which have always been much loved in architecture for their ability to combine beauty and strength. the new collections add a new meaning to these qualities, widening the horizons of design.

Two diverse stone-effect products, for well-balanced architectural spaces
Bright flakes for a sophisticated synthesis of quartzite
Original atmospheres and chromatic depth for a fine marble effect
Colourful stones, wood and stone blend in a single natural surface
Solid, urban-inspired emotions for interior spaces
Quarz Design
A stone effect to meet every interior design requirement
An urban attitude for quartzite that combines elegance and design appeal
Stones du Monde
A stone effect for striking total look areas between indoors and outdoors
Ayers Rock
Small sizes and herringbone installation for private and public spaces
Mindwalk 20MM
Recode 20MM
Pure outdoor quartzite creates exquisite design continuity
Stones du Monde 20MM
As irregular as stone and as solid as 20 mm porcelain stoneware
Biophilic 20MM
Stones, wood and rock which, as in nature, merge in a single surface
Denverstone 20MM
The strength of simple installation combined with the charm of natural stone
Quarzdesign 20MM
A peaceful coexistence between the built environment and surrounding nature
Multistone 20MM
A complete and functional stone-effect collection for all outdoor projects
V.360 20MM
The mystery of quartzite at the centre of the natural landscape
Pastorelli Made in USA
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