laying systems

Multi-purpose tiles for exteriors

20MM COLLECTIONS CAN BE INSTALLED IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS: directly on the grass, gravel or sand, glued on the screed or as a raised floor. 20MM strong versatility allows every kind of application, in outdoor spaces both public and private, like gardens, patios, terraces, pools, pedestrian or vehicle walks.

installation on grass

When installing on top of a grass bed, slabs are laid dry, directly on top of the grass or by making a hole the same size as the tile and adding a bed of gravel underneath for greater stability.

installation on gravel

20MM thickness is a multifuctional solution, which is capable to adapt to the ground. It allows the development of large surfaces on gravel, even with a reduced joint.

installation on sand

It is easily possible to realize walkways and installations on sandy grounds with a minimal effort. Slabs can be laid directly on a levelled compacted bed of sand or by creating a substrate to improve stability over time.

traditional laying system and carriageable

The 20MM slab fixed with glue on a screed allows to create floors with high technical performances. Suitable for applications vehicle's traffic or subject to exceptional stress. Our products, installed with glue on screed, are perfect to make paths and safety, lasting areas suitable for vehicles.

raised laying

On terraces or accessible attics, it is possible to build a raised level flooring that still allows rainwater drainage.

modular system

With Modular System, Ceramica Pastorelli offers next-gen products in formats specially designed to create a variety of modular pattern installations. These layouts bear the technical features of the Modular System range, meeting the demand for a new and eye-catching look not just in its graphics and surfaces, but in the mix of formats as well.


reinforcement system for outdoor raised floors

Designed to allow many sizes and layouts raised installations. This system has a polypropylene bearing structure that ensures high safety standards in case of floor breakages without any need for additional reinforcement systems. P-Plainemphasizes20 mm line huge potential and versatility.

windproof system

Safety system for raised floors on terraces

Windproof system is designed specifically for raised paving on terraces in locations exposed to high winds or extreme weather conditions. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, the system lends paving stability and compactness, reducing the risk of it being torn up.

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