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Stone, concrete, wood, terracotta, these are the sources of inspiration featured in the extensive Pastorelli range. Our materials are designed to lend all kinds of settings, both public and private, an original, exclusive feel.

The versatility of porcelain stoneware and the vast assortment of colours, finishes, sizes, and thicknesses (up to 30 mm) allow users to unleash all their creativity in the design of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

stone look

Instinctive elegance and top performance for a unique design

The new ceramic tile collections draw inspiration from natural materials, which have always been much loved in architecture for their ability to combine beauty and strength. the new collections add a new meaning to these qualities, widening the horizons of design.

wooden look

Outstanding technical qualities for a design with natural looks

All the timeless atmosphere of natural wood, reinterpreted in line with new design needs.

concrete look

An essential style for high-performance design solutions

Unique texture, versatility, practicality and high performance: the particular features of concrete, the contemporary construction material par excellence, are back and develop additional potential through the new ceramic tile products with a marked contemporary feel.

terracotta look

The value of tradition in contemporary settings

Material that for centuries has characterised italian urban and rural landscapes with an unmistakable touch comes to life in ceramic tile collections that add the versatility, practicality and excellent performance of porcelain stoneware to its iconic features.

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