Italian design, international appeal

An evolving space that accommodates different needs in line with new lifestyles.  Warmth and welcoming atmosphere are essential, but beauty and practicality must not be missing either.

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces where texture becomes a decorative pattern
New Classic
An original reinterpretation of classical Roman travertine
Wood-effect floor and wall tiles with a fine blend of natural spirit and design
Two diverse stone-effect products, for well-balanced architectural spaces
Venetian terrazzo, a concrete effect and colourful bricks in a single collection
Bright flakes for a sophisticated synthesis of quartzite
Captivating both inside and out. Grip finish available for anti-slip solutions
High-quality, refined wood with knots and graining for a rustic parquet-effect floor
Warm and cool shades for an intimate and delicate wood effect

A lot of inspiration to create a dream bedroom comes from the design world, ranging from industrial chic to vintage. Often, however, this room of the house is dominated by a desire for intimacy and romance. To define the style, you need to start with the floor and wall coverings of the house in general and then move on to those of the bedroom. Indoor tiles, when carefully chosen, can brighten up a room and enhance any decor. Classic wood-effect stoneware planks, for example, can give rooms a feeling of tranquillity that is ideal for restful sleep. Moreover, with the different plank, mosaic, herringbone or band installations, the bedroom floor may look different from the rest, even if the porcelain stoneware tile collection is the same in all rooms.

Perfect cosiness can also be created with stone-effect floors for interiors. The Mindwalk collection, named after a relaxation and meditation technique, has a truly minimal and balanced texture. The graphic delicacy of these large-size tiles is enhanced by the Woody decor, a geometric pattern that evokes the Japanese art of Kintsugi, the repair technique with which broken porcelain is ‘stitched back together’, metaphorically representing man’s ability to mend the tears in the soul. A bedroom created with these floor and wall coverings becomes the perfect place to recharge after a day’s work. A particularly striking example is the combination with Miele-coloured wood-effect tiles from the Arkè collection, a range of boards – inspired by oak – of different sizes, including the eye-catching 26.5x180 plank. 

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