Stylish moods for relaxing spaces

Different materials, all with an exclusive mood, come together to perfection to create original furnishing accessories for stylish designs with a personal touch.

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces where texture becomes a decorative pattern
New Classic
An original reinterpretation of classical Roman travertine
Wood-effect floor and wall tiles with a fine blend of natural spirit and design
Style blossoms in porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles
Two diverse stone-effect products, for well-balanced architectural spaces
Venetian terrazzo, a concrete effect and colourful bricks in a single collection
Bright flakes for a sophisticated synthesis of quartzite
Original atmospheres and chromatic depth for a fine marble effect
Colourful stones, wood and stone blend in a single natural surface
Captivating both inside and out. Grip finish available for anti-slip solutions
Solid, urban-inspired emotions for interior spaces
High-quality, refined wood with knots and graining for a rustic parquet-effect floor
Warm and cool shades for an intimate and delicate wood effect
Stones du Monde
A stone effect for striking total look areas between indoors and outdoors
Ayers Rock
Small sizes and herringbone installation for private and public spaces
Stones du Monde 20MM
As irregular as stone and as solid as 20 mm porcelain stoneware

The living room concept is very different from that of a few years ago. The division between different areas of the house used to be clear-cut and created with a stone wall or a full-height wall. Today, to reclaim valuable square meters of the home, people are increasingly opting to combine the kitchen with the living area. A single space, the famous open space, which has changed how people live and design their homes.

A functional, yet aesthetically pleasing space that can be achieved by distinguishing the two rooms using different modern interior floors. Porcelain stoneware tiles that differ in terms of their aesthetics or size optically divide the two spaces, leaving the furnishings to physically demarcate the areas of the house.

The latest collections of decorative tiles ensure that you can choose very varied solutions depending on whether you opt for a brick, a large size or a decor. Floor and wall tile collections such as Colorful have a colour palette ranging from the delicate and neutral Cotton-coloured concrete-effect floor to Dark and Light Venetian terrazzo. From the large Ocean-coloured size to the glossy, colourful brick. Choosing the right floor not only shapes the aesthetics and brightness of the room, but also affects the mood of the people who use it.

If you are looking to create a particularly elegant and impressive setting, the obvious choice is marble-effect floor and wall tiles. The Sunshine collection inspired by fine Italian marble evokes original atmospheres through its colour depth, meticulous graphic detailing and total shine surfaces.

This is why the tiles from the interior floor of the living area are very carefully chosen by the designers who consider them the starting point for the whole interior design.

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