Charity projects

Malawi School on Chikala Mountain, 2013

In 2013 our attention was caught by a small village located on the Chikala mountain, in southern Malawi, 50 km from Zomba. This village is home to over 300 families, with a total population of about 3.000 people. While the hamlet was short of pretty much all the basic necessities, the village chief asked to provide them with a school. A place their children can grow, learn to write and read, and lay the foundations of an independent future for them. Unfortunately, this village is not well linked to other villages and towns in the surrounding area, with the only way to get to the next closest hamlet being a 2-hour long walking path. A very steep, tiring and somehow dangerous path, particularly for the kids, who as a result find themselves being emarginated from any kind of social contact with people outside of their village. After 9 months of uninterrupted works, on September the 19th 2013, we celebrated the opening of three brand-new facilities in the Chikala village, hosting 8 classrooms, plus a support office. The project was completed in collaboration with the San Marino for the Children Onlus and financed with resources originally budgeted for purchasing Christmas Presents for Del Conca Group employees.