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Charity projects

Health Center di Wassarà, Etiopia 2010

The construction of a Medical Centre offering their services to the people from the Wasserà village. The Centre eventually became available also to the adjacent communities - with an average daily attendance of over a hundred patients, thanks to an important resurfacing work of the main road leading to the village. The hospital is open 24/7, with medics, midwives and specialized medical staff constantly present, assisted by volunteers and Mission Centres. Vaccinations programmes were intensified, and special programmes were developed for unnourished and malnourished children, amongst which the distribution of vitamin-added flour and training programs for the mothers. Other services include vision care - with a fully equipped centre for Catarat Surgery available, and a Maternity Clinic, the latter being ever so important as all soon-to-be mothers are now required by law to give birth in such specialised medical centres with the aim of helping decrease the rate of mortality. The project was completed in one year in collaboration with “Carità senza Confini” (“Charity without Boundaries”) and financed with resources originally budgeted for purchasing Christmas Presents for Del Conca Group employees.