Charity projects

Les Buissonnets, Congo, 2008

Del Conca has decided to support the humanitarian project of the San Marinese missionary Father Marcellino, by adopting one of the classes of the nursery school of the "Les Buissonnets" school complex in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, thus facilitating the completion of the program still under construction. it is functional and about 600 students are enrolled. Father Marcellino, with his mission, facilitates children's access to basic education. It does this through a daily meal, in a place where nothing safe exists. A meal thus becomes a real attraction for children who do not understand the importance of education in such a harsh reality, which sees them facing bigger problems than their parents. Father Marcellino passed away in the place he loved most, the Congo. He suddenly passed away in his sleep at the age of 86. Father Marcellino, despite the ailments, the attacks of colitis, the malaria. He didn't like going to hospital, when it came to his health there was always too much to do, he didn't have time. It was like this, a tireless worker, who gave himself to others without reservation.