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Pediatric Ward, Lusaka, Zambia 2014

Zambia is one of the African countries with the highest infant mortality rate. Especially in rural areas, childbirth often turns into a tragic event leading to the death of the baby or mother. In 2018, 1 in 13 children in Africa died before their fifth birthday, a risk 15 times higher than what a child faces in Europe, where only 1 in 196 children under the age of 5 dies. Women’s risk of death during pregnancy or childbirth is 37 times higher than in Europe. In comparison, the risk of a woman's life in Europe is 1 in 6500. Countries in conflict or in humanitarian crisis often have weak health systems that prevent women and children from accessing essential life-saving care. DEL CONCA Group has decided to promote a new solidarity project. To reduce the suffering and infant mortality in Lusaka in Zambia, a paediatric ward was built in the St Clare Clinic located in the very poor Makeni neighbourhood. The works started in January 2015 and at the end of 2016 the clinic was opened. The project was completed in collaboration with the Association “Carità senza Confini” (“Charity without Boundaries”) and financed with resources originally budgeted for purchasing Christmas Presents for Del Conca Group employees..