Charity projects
Progetto solidale 2019

Nursery school in Hurara, Kenya 2018

In Hurara, Kenya, the Del Conca Group has built a kindergarten which has become compulsory with a Kenyan state law in order to access elementary schools. In the Hurara area, the children, before this construction, did not go to school because the schools available are only in the Tarasaa area, too far away. The Mission is located in the Tana River area, near the border with Somalia, where the most heinous violence took place by a group belonging to ISIS. There are some schools in the area, but to reach one, you must walk 25 kilometers, an impossible distance for the undernourished children of the villages in the area, an area that is semi-desert and where wild animals abound. Attending classes for many children means a dignified future but also survival, thanks to a small meal offered every day to each of them. The project was completed in collaboration with the Association “Carità senza Confini” (“Charity without Boundaries”) and financed with resources originally budgeted for purchasing Christmas Presents for Del Conca Group employees.