Your 2019 Christmas gift makes a new dream come true!

In 2020, Pastorelli, using resources dedicated to Christmas gifts, will build a school in Zambia with five classes capable of hosting over two hundred children. Today none of these attend institutes because the nearest school is located in Luanshya, ten kilometres away, and the children are too undernourished to take on such a long journey. The area where the school building will be built is Fisenge, one of the poorest in the country. With our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we give our heartfelt thanks to all of our stakeholders for sharing in this important project.

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The Del Conca Group has always been active in the social sphere also thanks to the Cino Mularoni Foundation, which aims to organise cultural and scientific events, encouraging studies and research and contributing to the training of young scholars and to supporting various publishing activities. The Del Conca Group employs human and economic resources to promote a wide number of philanthropic activities, obtaining concrete results in the humanitarian field with solidarity projects all over the world. Since the first project carried out in Indonesia in 2008, the focus has been on the importance of health and education as a basis for social and economic development of all the poorest countries in the world; since then the company has fully committed to this mission and has moved in that direction through the construction of schools, family houses, water networks, health centres and hospital wards. Support was also provided to the populations strongly affected by the earthquakes in Italy in 2012 and 2016. The projects were entirely developed with resources traditionally allocated to Christmas gifts.

2008 - Asilo Les Buisonnes
2008 - Indonesia, Medan, Tsunami Orphans' Home  
2009 - Indonesia, Medan, Tsunami Orphans' Home 
2010 - Etiopia, Wassarà, Health Center 
2011 - Malawi, Matola, Group Homes 
2012 - Italy, Medolla,  Facchini Theater and AVIS center 
2013 - Malawi,  Chikala Mountain, School  
2014 - Zambia, Lusaka, Pediatric Ward 
2015 - Malawi, Chikala Mountain, Agriculture project 
2016 - Italy, Marche and Emilia Romagna,  Project providing assistance to earthquake victims and food aid 
2017 - Etiopia, Wassarà, Water Line 
2018 -  Kenya, Hurara, Nursery school 
2019 - Zambia, Fisenge, School 


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