Hard-wearing style

With the 20 mm thickness option, the elegance of natural materials can even be appreciated outdoors, a perfect blend of refinement and extraordinary resistance to weathering and other stresses. The versatility of Pastorelli’s porcelain stoneware allows you to design indoor and outdoor surfaces with aesthetic continuity, for inspiring association or for material contrast, but always guaranteeing high standards of aesthetic and functional quality. 20MM is made of 15 collections, each distinguished by different inspirational sources. A wide range of surfaces to match consistently with each type of project. The functional characteristics of porcelain stoneware, guarantee of durability and resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents with the flexibility of the laying system and the wide range of finishes and special pieces, suitable for every type application. 

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In Via Magazzeno 1944 un nuovo Temporary Lab
Recode, injecting style into interior design
A metropolitan style CrossFit Box
Regular operations
With “Wide Surfaces”, Pastorelli welcomes the big sizes
Sunshine. Resplendent marble-effect ceramics envelope contemporary spaces
Biophilic. New creative freedom through new design perspectives
Harmony of texture