A metropolitan style CrossFit Box

CrossFit 3 Towers, the only official CrossFit box in the Republic of San Marino was born from an innovative fitness philosophy, known precisely as CrossFit, patented in the early 2000s in California by Greg Glassman, a former US gymnast and which provides a mix of high intensity workouts. CrossFit 3Towers is an original space where characteristic elements and microarchitectures act as a separation both in the open space, dedicated to sports, and in the cozy changing rooms. The chosen style is industrial, high ceilings with the predominant black color both for the flooring and in the visible structural elements. The presence of large and high windows, typical of old factories, give a particular charm and natural brightness to the environment. When designing the gym, was imagined a unique way of storing the equipment; instead of building wardrobes that hid them, some open structures have been created, which act as containment, such as the one for the blue med balls so much in contrast with the environment to result like a piece of furniture. The contrast between the acid green carpet in the center of the scene and the rest of the surfaces has a great impact. To underline the underground aspect of this gym, a series of black metal rods used to hang some equipment and light elements. The changing rooms and service spaces have been designed to fit naturally into the structure. The floors and walls, in shades of gray and dove gray from the Sentimento collection, contrast with the purple and green of the ceilings. The industrial-chic style of Sentimento porcelain stoneware cement evokes the atmosphere of metropolitan cities. The three colors in the range, gray, greige and anthracite, the multitude of formats and the 20 mm thick surface allow for a wide range of installations between indoor and outdoor spaces. The metal doors of the lockers and LED lamps completes this metropolitan project.

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